STREET_SIGHT.JPG — Textures Pack

Streets are an endless source of inspiration. Those unbelievable mixture of facture, texture, dirt, natural dilapidation and wild street art – one cannot make it on purpose. One can only witness that, take pictures of it, if one looks around attentively. Basically, that’s how STREET_SIGHT.JPG project emerged. This textures pack is a result of long contemplative walks along city alleys, which sometimes hide most priceless visual treasures.

  • what is this → Authentic textures with picturesque vibe of a dirty big city. Every piece of this pack was found on the streets, photoshot and turned into the eye catching texture.
  • how you can use it → Create wild raw artwork and collages. Place over any image and blend — you can get unpredictable and athmospheric results. Make displacement map from any texture and destroy your text or image. Use as background — why not? Be creative!
  • what included → 50 monochrome textures and 50 full color textures
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STREET_SIGHT.JPG — Textures Pack

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